Expecting litters in spring 2022


Please contact us if you want to be on the waiting list.


Our next litter is planed for the end of September - waiting list is full till 2022

The last couple month we had many applicattions for the waiting list. All the kittens from the next litters planed, are spoken for.

Sorry, at this time I can not take anymore applications. Please contact me in February or March 2022 if you are still interested.

Thank you for understanding that we are giving our queens enought time to recover from nursing their babies and taking care of them.


Our breeding plans for 2021

We are planing 3 or maybe 4 litters in 2021. Due to Covid we can't allow visits to the cattery. We are trying to take video's and pictures and make them available to people on the waiting list. Due to COVID there is a high demand for kittens and cats.
I am trying to answer all emails as soon as possible, but some times it will take me longer, due to the volume of emails coming in.


The next litter is planed for the end of June.

There is a high volume in request information for the upcoming litters.

My appologies that it takes me longer to answer them. 

All kittens from the July litter are adopted.


We are expecting a new litter in the end of February from our beautiful black girl Magic.

All kittens are adopted.


Syney's kittens are born

Please contact us if you are inrested in adopting a British Shorthair kitten.

All kittens are spoken for, we are expecting a new litter in April.

Diamond's and Scotia's kittens are born


Please contact us if you are inrested in adopting a British Shorthair kitten.

All kittens went to their new homes

Caitlin gave birth to 4 blue kittens


All kittens are adopted

We wish everyone that adopted a kitten from us and everyone that wants to adopt a kitten from us a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2018.

Scotia's and Magic's kittens are doing great


Scotia's and Magic's kittens are 1o weeks old and will soon go home. They are all doing very well. Thank you for all the people that are giving them a lovely home.

Diamond's kittens


All of Diamond's kittens went to their homes. Murdoch and Bruno are living in Victoria and Victor in Prince George.

Princess and Diamond's kittens are born.


I will contact people on the waiting list soon.

Congratulations to Scotia and Sunshine


We have two litters of beautifull and healthy kittens. All of them have a loving family to go to.

Waiting list


We are a small Cattery and our goal is to breed healthy, very well socialized kittens. For that reason we only have limited kittens available for adoption.

We can't take anymore people on the waiting list for 2017.

Happy New Year


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Sunshine's and Edi's kittens are in there new homes


We do not have any babies for adoption at this time.

We are planing a litter with Scotia and Maja soon.

Congratulation to Edi


Ken and Michele went with Edi to the Garden City cat show in Sidney June 24-25. Edi did extreme well and was the Best Cat in the show.

6 times - Best Cat

3 times - 2nd Best Cat

2 times - 4th Best Cat

We are very proud.

Sunshine's and Edi's babies are born


Sorry all kittens are spoken for.

Congratulation to Caitlin and Felix


Caitlin's babies were born on May 1, 2015

All off Caitlin's babies are spoken for.

Princess kittens are born January 1, 2015


Congratulation to Princess - babies are healthy and very beautiful

We are expecting Babies from Princess and Felix the end of December


Felix the dad

Please contact us if you want to be on the waiting list

Great News - Maja's and Felix kittens are born on June 8


All of Maja's kitten are adopted.

Please click the link for more pictures 

Vancouver Pet Lover Show


We are going to the Vancouver Pet Lover Show on February 15 th and 16 th. Please come and visit us and Felix at the Can-Am Cat Show. Showhall: Tradex Events Centre 1190 Cornell Street Abbotsford, B.C., Canada V2T 6H5.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


Happy Holidays to all of our friends, cat lovers and everyone we know.

Maja's kitten Finn and Simon

Kitten from Maja and Felix are born


All kitten are adopted. We are planing the next litter in March 2014.

Congratulation Princess- Princess gave birth to beautiful babies


Babies and mom are doing great, more pictures comming soon.

6 weeks old


Emely's kitten, Bruce and Carlos are enjoying the summer. They are eating well and are all kitten are using the litterbox.

All kitten are adopted.


More beautiful pictures

Emely's kitten - two weeks old


Emely and the kitten are doing great. More pictures

Please contact us for adoption information.

Emely's kitten are born


Emely's kitten are born on June 11, 2013. Mom and kitten are doing very well. Please contact us if you are interested in adopting a kitten.

We will be adding more pictures soon.

We are expecting kitten in the middle of June


All kitten are adopted - we are planing a litter in March 2013


All kitten are adpoted - we will not have kitten until March next year

Princess Kitten 12 weeks old


All kitten from Princess are adopted


Kitten 8 weeks old. More pictures



Princess with her 5 beautiful babies born on May 3, 2012. one blue boy, one blue girl and three lilac girls.

Emely's kitten are 4 weeks old


Laura and Lucas are 4 weeks old now and are doing great. They are both adopted.

more pictures:  https://picasaweb.google.com/106259522539458106557/KittenEmely2012

Emely's babies 2012


Emely's babies are born on March 14, 2012 at 4.30 and 5 AM. We namend them Laura and Lucas. You can see more pictures.

Laura and Lucas are very healty and are born with their eyes already open which we have never seen before.

We will contact people on the waiting list when the kitten are 4 weeks old.

Renley, Winter and Willow moved to there new homes


Please look at more pictures

November 19, 2011 - new pictures from Winter and Willow

Congratulation Emely - 3 beautiful babies - 2 boys and 1 girl


British Shorthair Kittens for adoption - All kitten are sold


Our friends in Victoria have 2 beautiful kittens for adoption one girl and one boy.

Please check their webpage for mor details


Contact Lyn or Bob for more information   


Congratulation Zena


Zena gave birth to two beautiful babies. We named them Gina and Gino.

Gina will be moving to Edmonton. Gino will stay in Nanaimo.



Foxy and Francy are adopted. They new owners namend them Barsa and Max.

Felix -Sanchez will be moving to Victoria.

Zena is expecting babies in June


We named the babies Felix, Francy and Fox


All babies are doing great

Congratulation Bella

11.04.11 Bella gave birth to beautiful British Shorthair kitten's

Congratulation to Bella and T-Boy

Bella gave birth to 3 wonderful little kitten's, 
two boys and one girl, all British Shorthair blue.
Thank you to the team of Dr. Brent from
Island Veterinary Hospital for their support
during an emergency.

We are expecting kitten in April 2011


Emely of Burg Overbach


We welcome Emely of Burg Overbach Cattery in Germany to our cattery.

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