Sunshine's and Edi's kittens are in there new homes


We do not have any babies for adoption at this time.

We are planing a litter with Scotia and Maja soon.

Congratulation to Edi


Ken and Michele went with Edi to the Garden City cat show in Sidney June 24-25. Edi did extreme well and was the Best Cat in the show.

6 times - Best Cat

3 times - 2nd Best Cat

2 times - 4th Best Cat

We are very proud.

Sunshine's and Edi's babies are born


Sorry all kittens are spoken for.

Congratulation to Caitlin and Felix


Caitlin's babies were born on May 1, 2015

All off Caitlin's babies are spoken for.

Princess kittens are born January 1, 2015


Congratulation to Princess - babies are healthy and very beautiful