Sydney - Sunshine's daugther - born May 8, 2017


Sydney Sunshine's daughter - Princess great grand daughter is staying in our cattery



Lakritze - Magic


We are very proud to announce that we have a new addittion to our cattery. Lakritze - Magic is her name. Thank you to Rosemarie and Heinz from Arthur's Garden in Germany.

Liquorice was born on March 22, 2016 and is our first black British Shorthair. She is amazing beautifull and we are looking forward to some beautifull babies.

Edinburgh Edi - born June 16, 2014


Edinburgh came to us from Germany in November 2014. He is coming from a long line of World Champions and International Champions.

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Edinburgh, Edi is awarded the title of " Supreme Grand Champion" on August 15, 2015

Diamond from Arthur's Garden - born May 30, 2014


Diamond came to us last year from Germany. Thank you Rosemarie and Heinz from Arthur's Garden

Diamond comes from a great line of european and international champions.

We looking forward to some beautiful chocolate kittens in 2016.


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Sunshine - born June 8, 2015


Sunshine - Maja's daughter - Princess grand daughter is staying in our cattery

Sunshine is awarded the title " Supreme Grand Champion" in 2015

Sunshine is retired from breeding